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Wisper: Drawing workplace i.c.w. S.M.A.K.,’The Bottom Line’ in Ghent (B)2015
E-musee: Art education project i.c.w. Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent (B)2011-2012
Master Class Mark Cloet, Ghent (B),research and significance of your work2010
Master Class Peter Weidebaum, Tienen (B), painting and screen printing2009
Veronica Film school, Hilversum (NL), workshop camera 12008
Proud to Present, Amsterdam (NL), workshop Kunstenaars & co2007
NIDF, Haarlem, Workshop digitale photography2007
BBK workshop, Amsterdam (NL), photographic documentation of your own work2007
Academy of Art and Design/ St. Joost, Den Bosch/ Breda (NL), Fine artificialt2003-2007
Academy for Speech Therapy and Foniatrie, Eindhoven (NL)1976-1979

Scriptie Harmonie en tegenstelling


Kunstenlandschap, Lonneker (NL)2019 (group)
Kunst Schouw, Schouwen-Duiveland (NL)2018 (group)
“Buul”, artist and curator, Horebeke (B)2017 (group)
“Open art studios Horebeke”, Horebeke (B)2014 (group)
“Art in the old cloister”, Wodecq (B)2014 (group)
“Melange”, Anderlecht (B)2014 (group)
“Creation Assistance”, BNP Parisbas Fortis, Brugge (B)2013 (group)
Symbiose “Vise versa”, Stadsgalery Breda (NL)2013 (group)
Gallery De Pieter, Leiden (NL)2012 (group)
e-Musée exposition Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (B)2012 (group)
“Water samples”, “Between you and me” ledscreen, Martin en Inge Riebeek, Tilburg (NL)2012 (group)
“Care” Exposition and auction with proceeds to Amnesty International, Museum Dr Guislain Ghent (B)2011 (group)
Water 1-2-3, “Between you and me” ledscreen, Martin en Inge Riebeek, Tilburg (NL)2010 (group)
Exposition Court, Breda (NL)2009 (solo)
“Care” Interreg IVB NWE, Lille (Fr)2008 (solo)
“IC” Amphia hospital, Breda (NL)2008 (solo)
End exposition AKV/ St. Joost, Den Bosch (NL)2007 (group)
“Unfinished” Artots melkfabriek, Den Bosch (NL)2007 (group)
“View ” De Overslag, Eindhoven (NL)2006 (group)