The concern about our earth, the dependence on nature are very preoccupying me. It is becoming increasingly difficult to relate to that landscape that is continuously subject to change as a result of human intervention. The love for nature and the lack of understanding for those inhuman large greenhouses, nurseries and industrial estates. Through a different way of looking I regain the connection with the landscape. The harmony (human scale) and contrast that may and will remain in the landscape.

The diversity of people and their different situations are starting points for me to work. The vulnerable person in his diversity moves me.
The older person (“Sometimes it takes a long time… the time” 2012), the refugee (Shame1, Buul 2017), the waiting person (IC 2008), my loved ones (Emmy, nt-5, Loving fight) and myself and my emigration to Belgium (Beyond Antwerp 2009), living in another country with different languages and cultures.

During the Corona period (2020), the following works were created: The three windows, Corona musings and Corona leporello.

Techniques and materials:

In my work, techniques and materials as well as formats vary widely.

The choice of material gradually arises from material experiments following an idea. The materials and techniques I am looking for must match the character of the different elements in the image, thereby enhancing the content of the work. The work includes installations, projections, videos, photos, drawings / images in chalk, graphite and paint.