Earth, Nature, Landscape and Men in that context fascinate me.

It’s getting rather difficult to relate to landscape which is constantly changing as a result of human interference. The love for nature and the incomprehensible big warehouses, greeneries and industrial zones seem incompatible. Being alienated from my own environment and showing this through my work can be a way of criticising of contemporary society. This alienation can be shown with disgust or full of affection. I do not close myself off but accept the situation and try to improve it through my work. This allows me to rediscover the connection with the landscape. Harmony (human dimension) and contradiction which both exist and shall exist in our landscape.

The human diversity and its’ different circumstances are leads for my work. The vulnerable men in his diversity touches me. The older men (“Sometimes time lasts long, doesn’t it?”, 2012), the refugee (Shame1, Buul 2017), the waiting men (IC2008), my loved ones (Emmy, nt-5, Loving fight) and my migration to Belgium (Past Antwerp, 2009), living in an other country with different languages and cultures.

During the Corona/COVID-19(2020) a.o the next works emerged: The three windows, Corona reveries and Corona leporello.

Techniques and materials:

In my work, techniques and materials as well as formats vary widely

I experiment a lot: choices of material and technique develop with the concept and the concept adapts on its’ turn to the materials and techniques until all elements reinforce the whole concept.

The work exists of a.o. installations, projections, videos, photos, drawings/images in crayon, graphite and paint.