The exhibition “Remains” shows works of art that depict the passage of time. She deals with themes such as decay, preservation and remembering. The impact of time on the body, architecture and our memory are a common thread. The work of 16 artists is presented in the impressive setting of the desecrated Saint Francis Church in Menen. You can discover graphic prints by the 18th century architect and graphic artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi on “Remains”. Furthermore, there is only work by contemporary artists on display. The exhibition includes relics, installations, graphic work, photography, paintings, drawings and videos. The works of art often enter into dialogue with the church and its layered history.

My installations “Reality” I – II will be on display in the church.
Nowadays people travel the world, collecting billions of images. Images of what they have seen and experienced, which are shared worldwide. I received hundreds of slides unknown to me. I have edited, renewed, distorted some of these slides so that they became my images. Then printed on sheets took 18×13 cm and poked into the wall with needles. So they are other people’s images that I have made my world. By illuminating them, a double image is created, with which I show that everyone has a different image of “reality”. The projected and edited slides (Reality II)

Curator: Chantal Pollier With artworks by: Alexi Williams, Chantal Pollier, Chantal Van Rijt, Cindy Wright, Colin H. Van Eeckhout & Aline Gorsen, Danielle Van Zadelhoff, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Giuseppe Licari, Ilse Roman, Karen Vermeren, Katleen Vinck, Meyke De Leeuw, Nathalie Odette, Paulina Surys, Stefaan Temmerman and Valentina Lari. From April 16 to May 30 Saint Francis Church, Ieperstraat 30 Menen Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm Free Reservations via…/tentoonstelling/resten02.html